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Monday 07 May 2018-12:02
Coach Carlos Queiroz said on Tuesday that AFC damaged the preparation of local players for the World Cup.

Carlos Queiroz talked with press on Tuesday.

Q:About the Iranian club performances in Champions League, the need of local players to special preparation program of the National Team, and if coach is happy or not.

First of all, in this 7 years I gave one example to this country to never talk about other coaches or club performances. I don’t want break this principle. But also after many years with life teaching me, one of most important thing I learned it`s to be indifferent to things that you can not make different. My conscious is clean when things are not in my control. So when we talk if I am happy or not, I just want to be focus on things that make the difference for me in this moment. The most important thing for me right now is the health and life of my dear friend Alex Ferguson. This is the most important thing that concerns me and worries me in this moment, that my dear friend Alex Ferguson can have quick and fast recovery from this unfortunate incident. I have my prayers on him, and special with his family. I think today we have some good news and I hope things will be better in couple of days. Now secondly I talk about Team Melli world cup preparation and not clubs, club coaches because as I said in 7 years, I never make a comment about performance of clubs. If they play well or bad, wrong or right, this is not part of my business. I also never talked about club coaches performance and it`s not my education and my principle to talk about the others. I only talk about my duties and my responsibility.
 About Team Melli World Cup preparation, if this situation doesn’t make difference to Iranian football, federation and sport authorities, why should be affect me? With all respect, my humble opinion it is that local players need special preparation program for the World Cup, but this is only my humble opinion. If the federation, league and sport authorities don’t think like me, it`s not my responsibility. I don’t agree but I need to accept and respect.

 Everybody know we have one World Cup preparation program that was based on the decision of federation, that the number one priority in Iran in this stage would be the National Team and the World Cup. This was discussed for one year since. So if the championship was plan to finish 27 April and Cup second, what is the reason why we sacrifice 13 clubs and we sacrifice football in Iran to compact the league? Who did that for what? To put in place World Cup preparation? I don’t think so. The league finished 27 April to benefit Champions League clubs, who now are free to only focus on ACL. The league finished 27th so the players are free, without championship, for the clubs to play round sixteen. For the National team they are not free for sure. This is the fact and reality. Unfortunately AFC didn’t listen my request and federation request but if it was to be in this situation was better to go with league until 20 May.
 So in conclusion what we need understand is that this is reality. Personality I don´t agree. The reality is that this plan, that was made for National Team, in fact is not for National Team, but for clubs.

Q: About the opponent’s preparation, IR Iran situation and if good results are possible?

 When you have good preparation you deserve good results. When you have bad preparation, you deserve to have bad results. This is life. Sometimes God give you a gift but I don’t think we should be in that position, waiting for God gifts. In conclusion, I think we need to talk about this with simplicity and realism. I don’t know one single coach that doesn´t share my position. I saw one interview from Mr. Krakjcar recently about the World cup preparation. He said championship finish 27th and Queiroz has time to prepare the team, but this is not reality. Championship was finish 27th but players aren’t here. This is the reality. So the reality that you need to face it is to face this with realism. With only 37 years experience in International football, and after four World Cup Qualifications, probably I don’t know too much things about football… I believe that players from Africa and Asia that play in local leagues need special preparation, but probably I am wrong...
 I think press must be pay attention to this. Unfortunately, AFC with this decision not to postpone round sixteen, damaged the preparation of local players for the World Cup. It`s AFC responsibility. Probably you must ask this question to AFC vice president. You have one vice president of AFC that is an Iranian Gentleman, Mr.Kaffashian. So you should ask from Mr.Kaffashian how can AFC put the round sixteen Champions League in this season of World Cup? AFC made that decision believing that Iranian, Saudi, Japanese local players have same preparation that Spanish or Portuguese players that play in Barcelona, Real madrid and Manchester United? They believe that our players that play against Naft Tehran in the league, they can have the same preparation?
 In the Last International friendly games, five Asian teams in the World Cup played 10 games in March window. Only one team got positive result, it was Iran, but they still believe that Asian teams can have the same preparation of the European based players? Now the Press come and ask me if I am happy with this situation. Why I should not be happy? I`m happy. It`s my fault? It`s my responsibility? I`m very happy. I`m not happy only when I make mistakes. I`m not happy when I make wrong decisions because my duty is to serve the National team and to serve football fans. Every time I make a mistake, I can´t sleep. But my health is good. My sense of humor is better. Probably I am just frustrated because my work and the World Cup preparation was used for others interests. If you work one month and they give your salary to other, how do you feel? You feel happy? That`s my feeling now.
You need understand one thing. My believe in this four years is that we made great progress, but World Cup is one very demanding competition. With all respect, 99 percent of people that I see talking about the team, they never played against Spain and they never played at this level. I trained Portugal. I trained Real Madrid and Manchester United. You know the speed of the game in front of your eyes it`s not the same speed when you see local football. This is the reality. When you see Real Madrid on TV, you think the speed is very short, but you need to see Real Madrid or Spain playing in 100 meters. Even my son can win Barcelona sometimes in TV or Computer.

 Q: About Esteghlal to give two suspended players to National Team, and the opposite situation with Persepolis player Jalal when he was suspended.

I don’t want to be involved in polemic. I don’t want to be part of this argument. Once again, It`s difficult situation for everybody. More than two years ago I studied the calendar to see how could we prepar the team and defend the clubs. No other person than me did that. But once again, AFC is the main responsible for this situation because we live in the umbrella of administrative decisions in AFC. If it was for football interest, round sixteen cannot happen during this period. If I was coach of Esteghlal, what do you think I do? My duty would be to defend Esteghlal.
 I was Coach Portugal and Man Utd. When I was coach of Portugal I defended the interest of the National Team. When I was in Manchester United I defended my club. But what we want is that players can be in good shape. This situation is full responsibility of AFC that didn’t support the five Asian teams who are playing this World cup.