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Thursday 14 December 2017-08:47
The Qatar Football Association (QFA) and the Iran Football Association signed a cooperation agreement in Al Bidda Tower, Doha, Qatar.

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) and the Iran Football Association signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday 14thDecember in Al Bidda Tower, Doha, Qatar.
Prior to the signing ceremony, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, President of the QFA received Mr. Mehdi Taj, President of the IFA and Ali Kafashian (Vice President Iran FA & Vice President AFC) in his office to discuss matters of mutual interest while stressing on the importance of building on the relationship between the two associations and developing it further in the future for the mutual benefit of both parties.
Also present were Mr. Soud Al Mohanadi, Vice-President of QFA Mr. Mansour Al Ansari, Secretary General of QFA and Mr. Ali Daoud, Executive Director of President office, QFA.
The QFA has signed the agreement today with the IFA as part of its ongoing strategy to develop football in Qatar and enhance its relationship with its various Asian and global counterparts.
The agreement will also contribute to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, and focus on matters of mutual interest which will aim to enhance the development of football in Qatar and Iran.
The upcoming period will witness the establishment of a joint working group which will study the legal frameworks in detail in order to activate the agreement. A plan of action will also be prepared, which will include a report on the most important achievements, schedule of activities and events that will bring together the two associations in the coming period. The agreement is also set to establish a framework to strengthen cooperation between both associations and to enhance football growth and development in the two countries.
Mr. Mehdi Taj, President of the IFA commented: “Firstly, we as the Football Association of Iran we would like to really thank QFA for their great hospitality, we look forward to further cooperate with QFA in various areas in football will furthermore strengthen the Qatari-Iranian relations and will support the future of the relationship between the two countries”.
QFA recently signed a series of cooperation agreements in mid-October, which focus on areas of cooperation with counterparts from the Asia region, those were with the Oman Football Association (OFA), Uzbekistan Football Federation (UFF), Korea Football Association (KFA), Japan Football Association (JFA), Iraq Football Association (IFA), Football Association of Maldives (FAM) and Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL). The Czech Republic.
In recent years, QFA has also signed several agreements with its Yemeni, Palestinian, German, Italian, Pakistani, and Kyrgyz counterparts, which demonstrates Qatar’s openness and ongoing cooperation with all nations aiming at strengthening its’ relations with various federations across all continents.