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Monday 23 May 2016-12:50
All applicants that decide to publish their advertisement on the Referees’ sport suits in all national matches, can send their request to Iran Football Federation.

FFIRI- Iran Football Federation has decided to contract with applicants that deciding to publish their advertisements on the Referees’ sport suits in all national matches for 2 season (2016-2017).
In this regard all applicants can write their request to FFIRI Secretariat (Second floor, No.4; Third St., Seoul Ave, Zip Code 19958-73591 Tehran- IRAN) or in case of any request, contact to Mr. Nesar via (0098 21-44312062).
It should be mentioned that the accreditation process will close on June 2, 2016.
This announcement is just to find the best offer and does not create any rights for applicants.