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Saturday 28 May 2016-12:21
Sixteen nations learned their AFC U-16 Championship India 2016 fate on Thursday following the successful completion of the competition's official draw.

FFIRI- The match schedules are as follows:

Draw Result
Group A: A1 India A2 Islamic Republic of Iran A3 Saudi Arabia A4 United Arab Emirates
Group B: B1 Australia B2 Japan B3 Vietnam B4 Kyrgyzstan
Group C: C1 Korea Republic C2 Malaysia C3 Oman C4 Iraq
Group D: D1 DPR Korea D2 Uzbekistan D3 Thailand D4 Yemen

Each group will play a one-round league, from which the top two teams in each group (eight teams in total) will qualify to the quarter-finals where the four winners will qualify to the semi-finals. The winners of semi-finals will advance to the final.
The top four ranked teams of this year's AFC U-16 Championship will qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017.
In the event that India finish among the top four teams, three play-off matches will be organised among the four losing teams of the quarter-finals to determine the fifth placed team that will qualify for India 2017.

Match Schedule

September 15
1              A1 (India) v A4
2              A2 v A3

September 16
3              B1 v B4
4              B2 v B3
5              C1 v C4
6              C2 v C3

September 17
7              D1 v D4
8              D2 vD3

September 18
9              A4 v A2
10           A3 v A1 (India)

September 19
11           B4 v B2
12           B3 v B1
13           C4 v C2
14           C3 v C1

September 20
15           D4 v D2
16           D3 v D1

September 21
17           A1 (India) v A2
18           A3 v A4

September 22
19           B1 v B2
20           B3 v B4
21           C1 v C2
22           C3 v C4

September 23
23           D1 v D2
24           D3 v D4

September 25
25           Winners Group A v Runners-up Group B
26           Winners Group B v Runners-up Group A

September 26
27           Winners Group C v Runners-up Group D
28           Winners Group D v Runners-up Group C

September 29
PO1*     Loser Match 25 v Loser Match 27
PO2*     Loser Match 26 v Loser Match 28

September 29
29           Winner Match 25 v Winner Match 27
30           Winner Match 26 v Winner Match 28

October 2
PO3*     Winner PO1 v Winner PO2

October 2
31           Winner Match 29 v Winner Match 30

* Play-off matches will be played only if India advance to the semi-finals. In this case, the winner of Play-off 3 (PO3) will also qualify for FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017.